Increasing Calcium Intake May Help You to Lose Weight

There are a million fad diets, but some of the soundest advice when it comes to losing weight is increasing your intake of calcium. Although calcium alone does not cause weight loss, calcium is directly connected to weight loss, by the administration of vitamin D to the cells and can be referred to as calcium weight loss. Vitamin D, which pre-dominates calcium, is what actually helps cause the body to lose weight. A recent Johns Hopkins study connected calcium, and vitamin D to weight loss. Calcium and weight loss are synonymous if you look more closely at the reasons why.


Calcium is rich in vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for bonding with the extra fat in the body so that the body can’t use it and it is dispelled. And while on the topic of calcium and fat, many toxins are held within fat, and if our body holds onto fat, we start to crave foods which are not good for us, that have no nutritional content and prevent us from experiencing vitamin D weight loss. Vitamin D is essential to weight loss, and a deficiency in vitamin D has been linked to many cases of Obesity. Obesity is one of the top killers in first world countries across the globe. Without vitamin D, the body cannot process fats because the hormone leptin, which helps us to feel full, is not released into the body in large enough amounts, so we keep eating, and become fatter.


Calcium is one of nature’s rich vitamin D resources. It should be consumed if you are vitamin D deficient. It can also be found in egg yolks and other foods such as cod liver oil and salmon, but these foods are often full of mercury poison due to the poisoning of our lakes, rivers and streams by big corporations. Calcium, especially if found in organic milks, cheeses and other dairy products is one of the safest ways to get enough Vitamin D and therefore increase your satiation levels, and ensure that you eat less. Calcium has a direct effect on how much you eat, and what types of foods you choose. This is why calcium is often recommended to help us get rid of excess fat; resulting in calcium weight loss or vitamin D weight loss.


In modernized civilization, people eat out of balance with nature. Most eat more in the winter, than in the summer, because UVB (vitamin D) is less available to soak up through the skin. The body can only rely on sufficient vitamin D at this point, from its fat stores. If we take supplements or increase our calcium intake, especially in the winter months when we are less likely to be exposed to UVB rays (especially those living in colder climates like London or Michigan), then the body does not have to store fat to hold onto its vitamin D, it is getting it elsewhere, i.e., through the calcium intake we have increased. Our calcium weight loss is assured then, because the body is no longer in a survival phase, trying to hold onto every last bit of Vitamin D it can find in our fat. Ideally, we would eat less in the winter, because we are not toiling in the hot sun, but our bodies have been fooled by modern life. Increasing our calcium intake may be just what we need to return our eating habits to normal, and to lose those extra pounds of fat.